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Doelpubliek - Public visé

This training course is organisation-wide. From employee to manager, this training course on the psychological basis of insider risk is relevant to every position.


This training is taught by Signpost Six, an insider risk training and consultancy firm helping organizations retain the value of their critical people and assets by offering a holistic approach to mitigating insider risks from nation-state espionage and organized crime. Their people-focused solutions centre on early detection and prevention and are based on research-backed findings. Composed of a team of experienced consultants with deep expertise in psychology, intelligence, insider risk and business, Signpost Six supports clients in implementing appropriate countermeasures through our specialized offerings and/or partnerships.

Doel - Objectif

By attending this course, participants will acquire the following skills and competencies:

  • Developing a better understanding of insider risk and understanding its causes, extent and consequences
  • Recognising the key indicators of insider risk to be identified
  • Gaining insight into the analysis of early warning signs of an insider incident
  • Improving the ability to respond to an incident by employees, managers and the organisation as a whole

Beschrijving - Description

During the training course, we take the group interactively through an introduction to the topic of insider risk, the scope and type of problems, and the first steps to awareness of signals in order to

recognise insider risk. For this, we first explain the background concept of the leak of classified information in the US military and the intervention of then-President Obama.

It is then clarified where and how these insider risks and potential incidents occur.

Finally, using recognised frameworks, we go through a number of cases to learn to understand, recognise and mitigate risks and let participants analyse them.

Pedagogische modaliteiten - Modalités pédagogiques

This course is taught in class.

Leermiddelen en materialen - Moyens et supports pédagogiques

The number of participants per session will be limited to a maximum of 30 people.

wijze van beoordeling en opvolging - Modalités d'évaluation et de suivi

There is no assessment for this training course.

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